When to Buy Maternity Clothes?

maternity clothes

When to Buy Maternity Clothes?

When do I start to wear maternity clothes? Is it really important to wear maternity?

Every woman’s pregnancy journey is different, but almost all women have some consistent things to deal with. One of those things is dressing your growing and changing body! With serious change comes serious fashion and comfort issues, but we have the answers to all your questions.

maternity clothes
Pregnant bellies are so comforting.

The simple answer is that most women start wearing maternity clothes when they feel uncomfortable wearing regular clothes. This comes at different stages for every woman, but there are specific things you can consider when you’re deciding whether it’s time to take the plunge.

maternity clothes

Your Uterus

There is one thing that definitely grows for all women – the uterus! Knowing the typical growth stages of the uterus during pregnancy can help you analyze where you are and what makes you most comfortable. This is a breakdown of where your uterus should be at a particular time.

maternity clothes
The pregnant couple during all stages from the beginning to the birth. Isolated on a white background multi-shot image.

12 weeks – the uterus has just reached the top of the pubic bone

14 weeks – grows to 2 inches above the pubic bone

16 weeks – The uterus is between the pubic bone and the navel

20 weeks – it reaches your belly button

After 20 weeks, your uterus will steadily grow in size as you move through pregnancy. Around 14 weeks you may feel like your belly is growing, but chances are you haven’t shown it yet as most women don’t start showing it until around 16 weeks. By week 20, most women will switch to maternity clothes or at least loose clothing.

Body Type

Your pre-pregnancy body shape is a good indicator of how quickly you need to change to stay comfortable. For example, if you’re shorter, your abs may start to stick out earlier than someone with a longer torso. If you put on a little more weight before you got pregnant, it may take longer for you to show it. Knowing your body type will help you predict how it will change, although you’re bound to get some surprises along the way.

Weight Gain

Like all things during pregnancy, it’s different. Certain women gain more weight during pregnancy than others, sometimes regardless of their pre-pregnancy size. The fat distribution also plays an important role, as women tend to gain weight in different areas, which will affect the clothes they want to wear. For example, if your face or legs are prone to weight gain, you may not need to switch maternity clothes so soon.

Constipation and gas are also common during pregnancy, so during the first trimester, if you find yourself particularly bloated, you may need to change early.

maternity clothes

Other Factors

Due to the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body during pregnancy, your breasts can quickly get bigger and heavier. Before you need to buy maternity clothes for your belly, you probably need to buy maternity clothes for your boobs! However, the great thing about most maternity bras is that they have rows of hooks so you don’t have to buy new ones every time you go up.

Of course, if you’re pregnant with more than one child, your timeline will be completely different—almost twice as fast. But you can still consider these things when you forecast your clothing needs!

If you experience a lot of morning sickness early in your pregnancy, you may lose weight before gaining weight. This will make buying maternity clothes (at least for your belly) unnecessary for a long time.

Maternity clothes must have been invented by pregnant women because they adapt so easily to your body shape! If you were wearing a size 8 before pregnancy, you will usually be wearing a size 8 when you are wearing maternity clothes.maternity clothes


Or, if you put off buying a wardrobe of new clothes, there are still some clothes you can wear into your third trimester. Choose from a loose A-line skirt, a wide-waisted skirt, or a body-hugging skirt made of stretchy fabric. Also, opt for pants or skirts with elastic waistbands, so you can wear them above or below the belly depending on your needs. Lastly, a loose tee or flowy shirt is better for your bust.

You’re going to be different from a lot of women when you switch maternity clothes, but remember, it’s all about your comfort. For any maternity clothes or baby suits need, welcome to contact us.


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