Clean School Shoes Stink? -6 Practical Tips

Clean School Shoes Stink? -6 Practical Tips

If you’re already planning on sending your kids to school in a uniform that’s neatly-pressed, then it’s a must that they have clean school shoes.

Your child’s first pair of shoes can be a bit of a chore. They can get sticky and muddy, especially if they get wet.

Want to know how to clean them up? Follow these simple methods.

Clean School Shoes Stink?  It’s Enough to Read This One

How to clean school shoes?


It’s the first step to clean school shoes. You can take those kids’ Crocs and jellies and hose them down outside, but for sneakers, a good old soak in a bucket of water can remove caked-on mud and clean the shoes well. A good old soak in a bucket full of water can help remove mud and dirt from shoes. Change the water regularly and use an old toothbrush or rag to remove the remaining residue.

Use A Cleaning Agent 

Enlist the help of a kid-friendly stain-fighting tool to remove tougher stains (grass, blood, and other bodily fluids). Mix baking soda and water in a spray bottle and apply to stains. Let sit for a few minutes, then rinse well.

Try the Magic Eraser&Toothpaste

That magical eraser you use all over your house also does a pretty great job of cleaning rubber soles. A good scrub can remove dirt, oil, and other harmful substances from shoes. It can also freshen them up and make them look new.

Enlist The Help of your Washing Machin

Clean School Shoes Stink?  It’s Enough to Read This One

Most sneakers and canvas shoes (like those oh-so-cute little Toms) are safe to throw directly in the washing machine. Since a clothes dryer can cause shrinking, try not to use it. Instead, air-dry inside or over a vent.If you’re afraid of fading, then you want to avoid direct sunlight. Need some additional odor control? A little baking soda in the wash cycle or sprinkled on those wet shoes should help.

Dry them with Paper / Towels

Wet school shoes are more common than we care to think about. Especially at this time of year and of course, the kids find ALL the puddles! The best way to dry out wet leather school shoes is to place balls of newspaper into the shoe. This product will keep the shoes in place while also drawing out moisture. However, it can also cause the shoes to become too dry and crack.

Fix Promptly

There is nothing worse than school shoes that look ratty. To extend the life of your shoes, glue them back on as soon as they become damaged. They can also be repaired by fixing the shoes’ buckles and Velcro straps.

Plus: To keep canvas shoes clean, coat them with a clear/white candle and melt the wax into them using a hairdryer. Always be sure to check that the canvas is cotton not synthetic before heating.

P.S. What are your tips to clean school shoes?  Share your thoughts below! And you can also come here to see if there are any shoes suitable for your children!


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