6 Best tips to Buy Kids Swimwear in 2022

6 Best tips to Buy Kids Swimwear in 2021

6 Best tips to Buy Kids Swimwear in 2022

Hot summer is coming , kids love swimming or playing in the water. Exactly how to choose the ideal bathing suits for babies? Based upon our many years of experience in wholesale kids swimwear, 6 best tips for you.

Pick kids swimwear is not a pieceof cake, it needs some work

6 Best tips to Buy Kids Swimwear in 2021

Anti- Sunshine protection 

It’s important to protect our children’s delicate skin from the strong sunshine. A long-sleeved swimwear, a sun hat is better than slathering sunscreen on them all day long. Kids swimwear does protect covered areas resist the sun’s rays. So, We’d better buy the swimwear with sun protection, which means the fabric has been tested. For example,  swimwear with UPF 50+ protection, it can block out at least 97% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Split style

 A split style is better than the One-Piece style because it is easy to put on and take off, especially for younger children who cannot control their urinary urgency. Please also pay attention to the neck hole, I don’t know about yours, but my kids hate having to squeeze their heads through the small neck hole

Simple style

 Simple style is never out of time .Simple style is the best choice for water sports, do not dress up like an angel or a batman, complicated decoration will bring burdens to children, such as swimwear with cartoon motifs ,that is children’s favorite

Nylon or spandex fabric 

Nylon or spandex be washed by machine or hand, it dries quickly, it also provides protection for our children against UV rays, salt water, and chlorine.

These two kinds of materials are durable and their structures keep stable after repeating wear and washings, so the swimwear stays fit without tight. So that, our children will feel very comfortable when they play or swim in the water, without feeling constricted

Comfortable Size

Firstly, measure your children’s height, they don’t need a tall size.

Secondly, there are some differences between boys and girls. For girls, we should measure under the arms around the bust, the hip, and the waist.

 For boys’ trunks, measuring the waist is ok.


Now you have a sense of how to choose swimsuit for kids, If you are looking for an ideal swimwear for your little one, maybe you  can find satisfying answer here.

6 Best tips to Buy Kids Swimwear in 2021

6 Best tips to Buy Kids Swimwear in 2021


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