Top 6 Tips You Must Know about Choosing Suitable Outfit for Baby

  With all the cute newborn clothes out there, choosing just one adorable outfit may not be easy, though. Rich colors and cute prints might draw you to buy a rack of baby clothes. However, when making your final choice, you need to consider safety, comfort, and practicality — easy to wear, etc. Well, you might also consider the price. It’s OK to buy most things for babies in secondhand stores or high-quality consignment shops. Just be sure to wash everything first. Here are things to keep in mind to ensure the baby’s outfit is comfortable and looks great in pictures. 

1.) Safety is the First Priority 

No buttons, bows, or ties. Stay away from clothes with small buttons, decorative rhinestones, or bows. Although these decorations are very beautiful, they are the culprit that causes many babies to suffocate. Too long a tie may wrap around your baby’s legs, or neck, putting him at risk. Make sure the decorations are sewed on tight.


2.) Remember, Comfort Is Key

You will soon hear about it if your baby isn’t comfortable in their baby clothes. Many people only considered the information provided by the brand, please stop it.  Instead, you need to look at your baby’s weight, not age.  Age doesn’t matter when it comes to baby clothes. Size varies from brand to brand, and weight is a better method, although many baby clothes list age on them.


3.) Consider the Season

Babies usually need to wear an extra piece of clothing on top of those worn by adults, unless the clothing is very hot. Consider the baby’s birth season and plan to choose your baby’s clothes accordingly. If you need to go out in cold weather, the baby’s home clothes should also be easy to put in a sweater or lightweight jacket. You can use extra blankets to keep your baby’s body temperature. You should wear a warm hat. If it’s hot, a single layer of clothing is fine, but you may still need a coordinating sun hat or shade blanket to protect your baby’s skin.


4.) Are the Clothes Easy to Wash?

Babies need to change regularly, so it comes as no surprise that your washing machine will always be on the go. When choosing baby clothes opt for easy-to-wash materials over hand-wash only garments – this will save you time and effort when getting the next batch of clothing ready for your little one.


5.) Consider the practicality of the clothes

Is it easy to get on and off? Dressing a wiggling newborn can be a bit of a struggle. Follow these tips when you choose clothes to keep dressing easier. 

  • Wide necks or snaps at the neck make dressing easier. (If you pick clothes that pull over the head, do it quickly because babies panic when their breathing is blocked or when they can’t see you.)
  • Snaps and zippers in the front are easier to put on and take off than those on the back.
  • Loose sleeves pull on and off easier than tight ones.
  • Snaps or other easy openings at the crotch make it quicker and easier to change diapers – you don’t have to take off all your baby’s clothes.

6.) Pick Something Simple

On babies’ tiny bodies, clothes with lots of details and huge adornments tend to look out of place.  Simple clothes in solid colors or fairly low-key patterns tend to look best on newborns. That not only guarantees the baby’s comfort but also indirectly solves some mothers’ choice entanglements. Believe me, complicated styles are not necessarily the best, simple styles can’t be wrong.


P.S. What are your tips for choosing baby clothes? Have you ever been in a situation where you need to buy clothes for a baby and did not have a clue about what to do? Share your thoughts below!

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