Free Make Label & Tag Service for You

Free Make Label & Tag Service for You

FREE  Make Label & Tag Service for You

Design custom tags and labels for gifts, personal belongings, and more with free, printable tag templates that are easy to customize to suit a wide variety of needs.

Are you still struggling to pick things from a massive selection of products?

Are you still fretting about not being personalized enough?

In order to give back to the customers, we launched a new activity, which is called Free label design, if you order more than 50 items in the store, we will create labels for free.

FREE  Make Lable & Tag Service for You

Design Unsatisfactory

—Change the designer until you’re satisfied

Still worried about the price delivery time?

—Source factory, low price and fast aging

Label Quality Problem?

This situation is generally not a problem, if there is any abnormality, please take a photo and contact  the customer service, we will solve it for you as soon as possible

FREE  Make Label & Tag Service for You

Minimalist design, return to the simplicity of nature, a variety of colors available.

This hangtag fully incorporates the distinct brand of the company by using characters, images, and colors you can easily associate with the brand.

A minimalist modern design is best embodied by this tag design. Its urban simplicity provides a light and unique character with delicate geometric designs and minimal colors and text.

This tag design comes in two different styles, one with a more urban look and one with a rustic and rustic feel. It can be used to bring a balance between the two.

FREE  Make Label & Tag Service for You
FREE  Make Label & Tag Service for You

Ironing Fabric Custom Woven Heat Iron On Label For Kids Clothes Shoes

Our iron-on labels are made from high-quality polyester fabric and are durable enough to wear. They can also be attached to various types of fabrics.

Simply hold the label in place with the hot iron for a couple of seconds, and it will permanently attach to the clothes. You can also attach them with a few quick stitches.

These are great for anyone who is prone to applying hot iron without steam. They will come in a resealable bag with full instructions.

The material is composed of cotton and polyester and remembers we print YOUR NAME on them with black ink that won’t fade and will stand the test of time.

PS: What are your tips or experiences for buying a baby’s clothing?  Share your thoughts below! And you can also come here to see if there are anything suitable for your little angel!



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