Baby Touch: 4 Shocking facts you Need to know in 2022

Baby Touch: 4 Shocking facts you Need to know

Baby Touch: 4 Shocking facts you Need to know in 2022

Baby touch, also known as baby massage, is a medical method. Skin is the largest sensory organ of human body to receive external stimulation, and is the external sensory organ of nervous system

The goal of early touching is to adequately stimulate brain cells and the nervous system during the key period of infant brain development, promoting the development of the infant nervous system, growth, and intellect.

The benefits of baby touch

Many caregivers have such experience, want to let the baby lie down to rest, but he has been wanting to turn over。

At this time if the baby do some gentle massage action, you can relieve the baby’s nervous emotions, help him safely into sleep.

In general, infant massage can achieve the following results

Insist on 10 to 15 minutes of baby touch every day, can enhance the baby’s immune cells, but also enhance the resistance to external stimulation and immunity. At the same time can promote blood circulation, so that the body’s excrement smoothly discharged. In addition, it can enhance the flexibility of muscles, bones and skin.

Insist on touching, through the skin contact, let the child rely on the mother, promote the intimate relationship between mother and child, enhance the communication between the baby and parents, let the baby get a sense of security, effectively stabilize the baby’s uneasy mood

Baby touching can ease the baby’s tension, is conducive to inducing the baby to sleep, improve the baby’s crying after sleeping.Baby Touch: 4 Shocking facts you Need to know in 2022 - Wholesale Baby Clothing Wholesale Kids ClothesGet ready for baby touch

To 0-3 months of newborn do “touch” has become a popular new parenting method in recent years.

The newborn baby through intimate massage contact with the mother, not only can promote the baby’s growth and development, increase sleep and diet, but also can enhance the emotional communication between mother and child, for the healthy growth of the baby to create a warm atmosphere

But touching should also be carried out under the right conditions, experts specially told: touching should not only pay attention to the technique, but also control the time, generally not more than 30 minutes.

When the baby does not cooperate with the mother massage, should let the child rest immediately.

Touch at a fixed time every day. If you are touching your baby after feeding, it is best to wait 30 minutes before starting.

Keep the appropriate room temperature (about 25℃) and touching time (no more than 20 minutes) to ensure comfort and no interference within 15 minutes.

Use a comfortable position, choose a quiet, clean room, put some soft music in the background.

Choose the appropriate time to touch. The baby should not be too full or too hungry, massage is best after the baby bath.

Prepare towels, diapers, and replacement clothes before touching. Pour some baby oil into your palms and rub each other to keep your hands warm.Baby Touch: 4 Shocking facts you Need to know

Proper steps for baby touch

Face (relieve facial tension) : take an appropriate amount of baby oil or baby lotion, from the center of the forehead with the thumb of both hands to push out pressure, draw a smile

Eyebrows, eye socket, middle, chin, also with both hands thumb to push out pressure, draw a smile

Chest (smooth breathing circulation) : hands on both sides of the costal margin, the right hand up to the baby’s right shoulder, recovery, the left hand in the same way

Hands (increase flexible response) : the baby hands droop, with one hand pinch the arm, gently squeeze from the upper arm to the wrist, and then massage the wrist with the fingers. Massage the other hand in the same way

Hold the small arms between your hands, roll them up and down, and gently squeeze the baby’s wrists and hands. To ensure that your hands are not injured, massage your thumb from the palm of your hand to the fingers

Abdomen (helpful for gastrointestinal activity) : massage the abdomen clockwise, but do not massage the area before the umbilical scab falls off

Massage the baby’s abdomen with the tips of the fingers from the left to the right of the operator, who may feel the bubbles moving under the fingers

Can do “ILOVEYOU” family experience, with the right hand in the baby’s left abdomen from top to bottom to draw an English letter “I”, and then according to the direction of the operator from left to right to draw an inverted “L”, and finally from left to right to draw a inverted “U”

Say “I love you” in a loving tone to convey love and care

Legs (increase movement coordination function) : massage the baby’s thighs, knees, calves, gently squeeze from the thigh to the ankle, and then massage the ankle and foot

Then grab the baby’s calves with both hands, roll them up and down, and gently massage the baby’s ankles and soles of his feet. Massage the thumb from the heel to the toes without hurting the ankle

Back (soothe back muscles) : hands flat on the baby’s back, massage down from the neck, and then gently massage the muscles on both sides of the spine with your fingertips, and then move around from the neck to the lower end of the spine again.Baby Touch: 4 Shocking facts you Need to know in 2022

Babytouch matters needing attention

The earliest time to start touching the better, and to adhere to a long time, every day, 1 to 2 times, 15 minutes a day is the best

Stroking can be anything from touching the baby’s hands while she is nursing to patting her on the back when she is sleeping

When touching the baby, it is necessary to create a good environment, the room temperature can not be less than 22 degrees, sunshine is the best, if you can put some relaxed music, will make the effect of touching become greater

Parents should pay attention to wash their hands and trim their nails when touching.

The touching sequence starts from the forehead, followed by the chin, head, chest, abdomen, hands, feet, back and buttocks. There are many touching techniques, parents can flexibly use, but it should be noted that the beginning should be gently, gradually increase the pressure, so that the baby slowly adapt.

Do not touch the baby when he is too full, hungry, tired or in a bad mood. The baby’s umbilical cord has not fallen off, touching must be careful, it is best not to touch it

When the baby grows teeth, you can massage his face.When climbing, you can appropriately reduce the amount of touching, teach him to climb more, learn to walk, give him some leg and foot massage

When your baby is teething, facial touching and kissing can relax her facial muscles

We should pay attention to emotional communication when parents touch their children

To maintain a joyful mood, change your mood before contacting, smile when touching, make eye contact with the baby, and talk to the infant.


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