5 Best Baby Sleep Traning Methods in 2022

5 Best Baby Sleep Training methods

5 Best Baby Sleep Traning Methods in 2022

There are a lot of different baby sleep training methods. If you’ve decided to do sleep training and your family is ready for a change, let’s get started

Baby Sleep: Establish a Bedtime Ritual

Childhood sleep researcher Jodi A Mindell (2009) showed in her research.

Establishing a regular nightly bedtime ritual can improve wakefulness and sleep continuity after falling asleep, as well as the mother’s emotional state.

She stresses that bedtime rituals need to be consistent, positive, and in a clear order.

Consistency means that bedtime rituals consist of a fixed set of events that occur at roughly the same time each day, and in a fairly fixed order.

A bedtime ritual should include pleasant, positive activities, including reading and singing, and the final part of the ritual should be performed in the room where you are going to sleep.

Keep the bedtime ritual to a minimum (less than 60 minutes) and avoid seesaw battles.

If your child doesn’t want to be in his or her own cot or room, play in his or her sleeping space during the day for fun and fun.

Emphasize that his bed or room is a “positive” place, not a place where his parents left him and abandoned him.

5 Best Baby Sleep Training methods
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Baby Sleep: Extinction Crying Immunity

Cry Immunization, also known as Cry It Out (CIO), was proposed by pediatrician Luther Emmett Holt (1855 — 1924) in his book “The Care and Feeding of Children”.

Luther in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child defines crying immunity as: In order for children to learn to fall asleep on their own and go back to sleep without parental help when they wake up in the night, they may be allowed to cry until they fall asleep at night and up to an hour before their nap.

The upper limit is 20 minutes if the child has colic until the age of 4 months.

According to Luther, crying immunity in its absolute sense may cause less confusion in infants, resulting in more complete sleep problems and less overall crying.

Specifically, there are some points to pay attention to in the implementation of the cry immunization method:

Luther believes that in order to successfully implement sleep training, you must first master your child’s sleep signals.

First signs of sleep (eye rubbing, lethargy, etc.) can be soothed by swaddling, breast-feeding, rocking, etc.

Then put the child to bed and give him a few minutes to cry, to give him a chance to fall asleep on his own.

Set a regular nap schedule based on your child’s natural sleep cycleIf a child does not sleep during the first nap, parents should try to keep her awake until the second nap. If you are having trouble sleeping, you should go to bed earlier.

Starting a bedtime ritual earlier than usual can help advance the time to fall asleepAn overly tired child will have a harder time falling asleep.

In practice, this absolute cry immunity is rarely used anymore.

Most parents with a certain tolerance for crying will choose the following two variations of the crying immunization method.

5 Best Baby Sleep Training methods
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Baby Sleep:Graduated Extinction

Also known as crying control, or Farber method. The representative figure is Mr. Farber, whose representative work is “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems”.

The Faber method is to help your baby learn to pacify himself or herself to sleep by allowing him or her to cry before going to sleep, and at gradual intervals to see how to pacify him or her. Specific operation steps are as follows:

Regular night sleep and bedtime rituals before naps

Arrange for your child to fall asleep 30 minutes later than usual, put him or her to bed while he or she is still awake and leave the room.

Step into the room at gradual intervals to calm the child (but don’t pick him up).

Each night, there should be a longer interval of reassurance than the day before.

The following advice assumes that the child falls asleep alone.

The child’s bedtime can be delayed by 30 to 60 minutes for a few weeks after the correction begins. Make sure your child gets up at the same time in the morning and doesn’t increase the amount of sleep during the day.

At bedtime, parents should place their child in his own bed, not hold or rock him, and make sure his sleeping environment is the same as when he wakes up in the middle of the night, so that if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will find it easier to fall back to sleep.

By day 3 or 4, your child’s sleep should be much better. If by the seventh day, although the situation has improved, but still not eradicated, then parents can on the basis of the seventh day to appropriately extend each wait time. But if by day 7, the situation is not improving at all, or even getting worse, parents should rethink the whole correction process.

After each wait, parents should come into the room to check on their children and stay no longer than two minutes.

Once your child wakes up in the morning, whether he wakes up earlier or later than usual, get him up. Sleep throughout the night should be done in one room, not in one room and then another.

5 Best Baby Sleep Training methods
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Baby Sleep: Extinction with Parental Presence

This method is a variant of the cry immune method, which, unlike the Faber method, allows for more parental reassurance.

Start by lying down with your child while he or she is still awake until the child falls asleep.

Then progressively reduce the amount of time spent with and comforting your child until the child can fall asleep without you.

For example, for a few days after you lie down with your child until you fall asleep, try to have less physical contact or no physical contact at all.

In the following days, she no longer lay down with her child, but sat beside the bed.

Then you can sit away from the bed and just calm the child with your voice.

After a few days, try leaving the room for a few seconds and returning before your child starts crying — this will help your child understand that you will come back after leaving and that you can be trusted.

But you’re still in the room with your child until he falls asleep.

As he gets used to the process, you can extend the time away from the room to a few minutes and then return to the room. (Skuladottir, 2003)

5 Best Baby Sleep Training methods
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Baby Sleep:Mrs. Sleep Moves(Camping Out)

Mrs. Sleep refers to Kim West, whose technique, Sleep Lady Shuffle, translates to “disappearing chair.”

Kim West thinks her approach is moderate.

In general, walking allows the parent to be present while helping the child learn to fall asleep on his or her own, but this companionship gradually diminishes until the child falls asleep without the parent.

Comparatively speaking, with parents around, there may be less crying using this method.

However, the first results may take longer than the cry immune method, so it requires more time, patience and persistence.


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